The recovery…

I mentioned in Connor’s party post about “still recovering from the night before.” What could I have been referring to?

My children were out until the wee hours of the night. Well, three of them were. Technically, two. Well…it’s a little more complicated than that. I digress.

What in the world would children be out until the wee hours of the night doing?

A hint:

IMG_6762 IMG_6763   

It required them to wear ear plugs.

It takes a special breed to enjoy this particular sport. It is a costly event, that’s for sure. I’m glad we don’t participate in it. Just spectate it (is that even a word?).

IMG_6814 IMG_6769IMG_6774

Mud runs of course. For those unfamiliar with this it involves, big trucks, big tires, a ton of mud.

That is where my children were until the wee hours of the night with their father. Shayne decided to not go upon arriving at Nanny’s house to pick up Carrie. Connor got really tired earlier than Stormy,so Carrie and he slept in our truck in the parking lot. Stormy, apparently, “hung with the big dogs” and almost made it until the event was done.

I don’t even want to tell you what time my crew rolled in. That’s how late it was.

Before Stormy fell asleep in Daddy’s arms (I don’t remember the last time that happened) she stood really close to the fence.

By the mud. And the trucks trying to make their way through the mud.

And her “new brand shoes” (a phrase she says often) got dirty.

IMG_6844 And ummm…so did she.

IMG_6862 IMG_6864

Can you see how exhausted she looks?

And if it weren’t for the caked in mud and the fact that she used port-a-potty’s all evening,

Paul would have let her go straight to bed upon home arrival.

Connor did. He came straight in, got into jammies and cuddled up next to me.

I let him stay. Shayne went straight to bed. Paul got Stormy all cleaned up and in bed. Then he too, passed out.

Mud trucks 101: you will be out until the wee hours of the night. You will need ear plugs. You will need a shower afterwards, even if you didn’t participate in the event. You will have so much to tell anyone that will listen. You will have one exhausted crew.


  1. but we had tons of fun!! Love the time spent with my brothers and the wonderful little Peterson's.

  2. Poor Stormy, she does look worn out (which isn't an easy thing for her)! Glad she got to go though and especially love the part of her falling asleep in her daddy's arms!