Wednesday happenings…

So yes. Connor’s birthday was Wednesday the 21st. Every year I try to make my kids’ birthdays all about them. Nothing too extreme mind you, but just a few things that make their whole day. This year for Connor was no different.

We went to lunch at a very cool place (I mentioned it in twitter also on Wednesday)…

Where did we go?

To a place that the food is brought to you by a…



No joke. You pick up the little phone at your table and place your order. It is then brought out to you by the little train. The kids love this place!

Oh—the drinks are brought out on a tray to you by a normal person (in case you were wondering).

 IMG_6681   IMG_6702 IMG_6705

IMG_6707 IMG_6708 IMG_6709

You also get to wear “conductor” hats, which of course, the kids loved.

And the birthday boy…IMG_6713 was especially happy over this little special part of his day.

The second part of his day was spent playing and having fun until we went out to dinner at a place of his choice.

His choice?

Red Robin.

I have no idea why but that is what he chose. We went with Paul’s family (as is our traditional birthday evenings in this family). It was wonderful.

IMG_6730 IMG_6732

IMG_6744 IMG_6753 IMG_6757

He got a big Transformers toy. He also got Batman sheets, a Batman computer (he wanted this one soooo badly), a Batman shirt and…Transformers stickers which he stuck all over the place.

That’s what you do when you’re 5 man!

A huge, HUGE thank you family (and especially for buying dinner for all of us Ron!) for celebrating our boy turning 5. It doesn’t seem possible, I know.

His party with friends is this weekend. PLEASE don’t let it storm!


  1. Sounds like a really great place to take kiddos! Glad our boy had a great day!!!

  2. Red Robin is one of Rusty's favorites. It has his initials on the door and you get a balloon. Plus the mac and cheese is bottomless. All great things for him. Glad Connor had a fun day. We get to turn 5 in three weeks. How does the time go so fast? Happy Birthday Connor.