Friday Fun

This summer I said I was going to do a bunch of fun stuff with the kiddos. And here we are in July and I haven’t done nearly as much as I had planned. Sure. We have gone to the pool. We have gone to the movies. We have played outside. We have bbq’d. BUT…I wanted to take them places. I decided Friday I was going to.

So where did we go?

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Any guesses on where we were?

The kids had a blast!

The pizza stunk—big time. Sage got into it with this little boy that kept hitting her and wouldn’t let her go down the slide. She...ummm….hit him and tried to kick him after he pushed her down. His Mom was busy on her phone. I told him to move. He left her alone after that. Connor and Sage were terrified of the main character. Paul played a bunch of games. I took a lot of pictures (that’s what I do after all). We left with a few prizes after spending $40 in food and “tokers” (that’s what Connor calls them) and almost 2 hours.

So—one fun thing down. A few more to go! Next week I have a really fun one planned! And the week after that as well.

I will keep you posted (something else I do).

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