Connor’s one (and only) day of riding lessons.

Paul decided it is time for Connor to learn how to ride a bike with NO training wheels. This isn’t too young in our house. Shayne learned before she turned 4. Stormy learned when she was close to 5. So now, it’s Connor’s turn. My poor little man.

Why do I say that? Paul and I have different teaching methods. Paul did start off teaching the girls. I helped. For Connor, I can’t. I can’t run and lean over and help him. I have a big speed bump that makes that all…difficult! Also, Connor…isn’t too thrilled with this whole thing.

First they started out on the little green bike.

075 074

Paul said he needed to try on a bigger bike. Connor’s reaction:


But my boy tried anyways.

079 086 087 

Right after this, he ran in the garage and grabbed his little bike that has training wheels and took off.

So—we will continue working with him. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I will have pictures showing what he has learned. And I am hoping there won’t be too many crashes.

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  1. He will get the hang of it eventually! After all, it's a scary thing to do!!!