Before it healed…

In some of Sage’s recent photos she has had a rash looking owie on her forehead. So what is/was it?


A road rash owie…kind of. I went to my nephew’s baseball game and Sage was in the wagon. That is…until she dove headfirst out of the wagon. I managed to catch her by her ankle/leg but she still rubbed the grainy, dirty concrete with that corner of her forehead. I am just not as fast as I need to be! She of course was crying like…I would had this happened to me. She was fine once her sister shared some candy with her. And my sister’s ex-father-in-law (affectionately known as Poppy) held her.

Oh—and yes. She is making that face in her pictures. Yes, you know the one.

Her forehead is almost completely healed now. She doesn’t want in the wagon anymore though.

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