What we did on Saturday…

Here’s a hint:


Can you tell what we did by that picture?

I’m sure you guessed something in the neighborhood of what we did.

0626001005a 0626001008 downsized_0626001006

We went to a Vintage Fly-In at a local small airport.


See? We were missing our Shayne Emily. I know she would have enjoyed it for 5 minutes. Then she would have been so over the planes. Connor and Sage on the other hand were totally excited by it. Stormy was excited because there were soldiers there.

She told them “Thank You” like she does all soldiers she sees. 

One very nice lady let our kids sit in a plane that said, “Look but please don’t touch!”

*It was her family’s plane so I’m sure it was okay. That’s what I keep telling myself anyways.

That would be bad if some random lady let my kids sit in a really old plane that didn’t belong to her that said to not touch it.

0626001009  0626001009a 0626001010 

And a few things I was thoroughly amused by. This sign for example:


Okay. I guess I won’t run my truck up there and sneak some airplane fuel into the tank.

And this one. I had to make it really big so you could see the sign.


I just never thought of how much it would be to wash aircraft. Now I know. And I thought I should share this great knowledge with you all. Oh-and how much it would be to tow or jump-start an aircraft.


We left there with new knowledge (things I never would have know had we not gone to this show) and…


our little man that was so happy we did this. It made the heat bearable because we knew he was so happy about all of it!

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