Funny things my kids say…

This post title should be things Stormy says. I’m not sure my other kids know how to talk. Stormy is always talking above them. Actually---Stormy is just always talking.period. Even as I type this. She is talking to Shayne. And to me. And to herself because…she’s Stormy.


Mom—why was the phone beeping?

“Because it’s dead. It has to be charged.”

“Oh…because you talked too much?”

Be quiet Stormy.


“That’s it Stormy. You are grounded from Webkinz.”

She is quiet and thinking.

“But I’m not grounded from gogirlsgames right Mom? You didn’t ground me from the computer. Just Webkinz.”

Little devil. I am going to have to get specific when she is in trouble now.


Do bunnies laugh?No…but they do scream. Shayne told me.

And yes. I typed that as one big sentence because she wasn’t asking me. She was telling me.


  1. Whenever she is on a roll (as far as getting to you), read the note you gave me when you had Connor and the girls stayed with me. I will never forget it...beautiful!