What a great weekend.

We had a great weekend! Did you?

Saturday started early for us. Stormy had her last tee-ball game. I am relieved the season is done and I am so lucky to have made acquaintances through that. All of us parents would talk during practice and the games.

After the game we went and did something that was really cool! I will put pictures up after I pull them off of my cell phone. Yeah—I shoulda had my camera with me but I didn’t. Oh well. Thank goodness for cell phones with cameras in them! The only thing person missing from that little outing was Shayne. I miss my first born like crazy when she is spending the night with her friend. I also am so happy that she loves it there so much.

After that outing we headed home and got into swimsuits and headed…to the pool! Sage has changed her whole thought process on the pool. She loves it now. Which we love! I have actually been able to get in and hold her and watch the other kids. I have enjoyed getting into our pool this season. Normally the water is frigidly cold. Not lately though. And it feels heavenly to have some relief with the baby bump. HA! After pool time it was lunch and nap time. I can’t stress enough how important nap time is. Seriously. It gives me the energy to make it through until bed time! I have been resting during the kids’ nap times. Sage is the only one who actually sleeps. The other kids play in their rooms or on the computer (gotta love Webkinz and coolmath.com) and know it is quiet time for them. After nap we hung around the house and got some stuff done. Laundry mainly. General pick-up and put away stuff. I even (gasp) vacuumed the living room. Mostly to get the cracker crumbs because I was tired of them sticking to my feet. I know…gross. After dinner…we headed back to the pool! The kids were in heaven. And let me tell you…they slept good Saturday night!

Today…we did more picking up because that’s what we do. And I ran to the store with 3 of the kids. I say “ran” with a smile on my face. I don’t really run anywhere! Unless being chased by something scary or to save a kid. That’s funny. Oh—anyways…got stuff we needed at the store for a small bbq we had tonight with a few neighbors. It felt pretty nice out in the shade and with the breeze. Still warm but not so much that you wilt away from the heat. We all chit-chatted and watched the kids playing and Sage eating from others’ plates or from food she would throw and then pick-up.

Wow. What a great weekend. I forgot to mention another part of what made it a great weekend. Paul was off work. We actually did stuff as a family! LOVE IT!

I will post more on Saturday’s outing soon. Not tonight. I am waaaayyyyy toooooo tired. The baby is kicking like crazy right now. I think he wants a piece of candy and for me to sleep. Sounds good huh? I agree!

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  1. Glad you had such a great weekend! Sounded like a lot of fun!