Ms. Catherine…

Who am I talking about? Connor’s preschool teacher that he loves. Seriously. He is selective about who he will listen to. And let into his little world. And Ms. Catherine is one of them. Yesterday was Ms. Catherine’s birthday so of course presents were involved. Flowers and candy because really…what else would a four-year-old boy get for a teacher he loves?

IMG_6072 Ms. Catherine was also Stormy’s preschool teacher. And unfortunately (for us) she is moving at the end of the month, after school is out. When I informed Connor of this, his response was, “I go with her?”

He has come so far and it is because of Ms. Catherine. She has more patience than one can imagine. I know what a pain my son can be. But not for Ms. Catherine. And we are going to miss seeing her. Especially my little man that has a soft spot in his heart for her.

Ms. Catherine~

I am so thankful you were Connor’s teacher. I hope you remember this little man of mine—and his scary deep voice…and his fake-shy thing he does and…all that you got to see him blossom into because of you. He will remember you.

Good luck! The next class you teach is sure lucky!!


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  1. This is just so cute! Ms. Catherine sounds like a wonderful teacher/person!!