Shayne loves her little sisters and brother very much. It isn’t always evident though. More and more I hear her yelling at them that they are being pains. Or… “MOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMM----------they are messing with all of my stuff I just got picked up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Yeah—it’s rough to be the oldest sometimes. Shayne often complains that she has to do everything. I simply tell her, “You got to the party first kiddo. Sometimes it’s no fun but soon…you will see how wonderful it is.” And she smiles. Sometimes. Sometimes she just stalks off to deal with whatever chore I have told her to do.

Shayne’s patience is best with Sage. She thinks Connor is a pain most of the time (which to her…he is). And Stormy---“oh Stormy…please just stop messing with your big sister. If you don’t like it that she hit you, don’t hit her first.”

Yep—Shayne loves her siblings very much. It doesn’t always show.

So I will look at the pictures I have of her with them and repeat… “she does love them. She does love them. She does love them.”


  1. how sweet...just like our Shayne!!

  2. Little attitude kid...good thing she is such a good girl.