Today is…

Paul’s birthday! Happy Birthday honey! I love you.

Last night, the kids (and I) decided to give Paul his birthday presents because we were afraid he was going to be out of town today (he’s not but before is always better…GOT THAT PAUL?)

What did we get him? So glad you asked.

I let the kids pick out their gifts for their Dad at Target—WE LOVE THE $1 section.


Let’s run down the items in this photo, shall we? (please ignore the mess on the counter behind the gifts!)

Shayne chose to get Daddy something he loves…Milk Duds (I personally think they are d-i-s-g-u-s-t-i-n-g!)

Stormy chose to get Daddy the red water bottle because…he didn’t have one.

Connor chose…yep…the sword. And he couldn’t stop smiling about it the whole way through the store.

Sage…I let Connor pick. He chose the Scooby coloring book because “Daddy likes Scooby Mama!”

And from all of us…the Avatar movie.

His gift from me hasn’t arrived yet.

And nope I’m not talking about the baby or anything else dirty…

His helmet he picked out for his guys ATV trip for later in the month.

We also kind of made his card this year. Paul isn’t big into cards (WHICH DOESN’T MEAN I AM NOT PAUL…GOT THAT?). It made him smile. And the kids giggle…any guesses?


  1. Very creative little babies...I'm surprise Connor would give the sword up though.