A different Easter for us…

As a normal thing for us, Paul is almost never home for holidays. Working a job that works 24/7/365 on call means exactly that. And of course it happened again this year. He was home for the kids getting up (EARLY for us! 7AM) and finding their baskets and eggs. And then he got his call to go in. sigh. Such is the life of a railroader’s wife.

We had been invited to attend my sister-in-law’s church service. I had told them if Paul wasn’t going to be home that I would not be attending. Taking all 4 of them into church by myself isn’t something on my to do list (We do pray…if you are wondering). BUT I decided I was going to go anyways. Even though Paul wouldn’t be with us. So we {me and all four} hustled around and got ready and went to church.

HOLY MOLY. This was the oddest experience I have ever had at a church. I have been to a Christian Easter church service and I have been to mostly Catholic Easter church services (because I was baptized Catholic). This was a New Life church. Very contemporary. Which is not a bad thing. It’s just almost a shell shock for a Catholic. My kids weren’t sure what was going on. They did great. Well, most of them did. I had to go in the hallway because of one of my darlings…The other kids sat with my sister-in-law and her boyfriend and my mother-in-law also. They do have a kids church area but I didn’t want my kids to go there the first time to this church. Anyways-the message the pastor presented was wonderful. It felt great for me to go to church.

NOW-I can’t say I will be attending this church every Sunday. BUT it was nice. The people there were super nice. And the dress code is casual.

The dress code?

Yep-I was raised to get dressed up for church. You never went to church in blue jeans. You just…got dressed up. And that is what we did this year. Not because I thought there was a dress code at this church. Because it was Easter Sunday and I wanted my kids to look…dressed up.

Easter 2010 056 copy

And they did. Even with the scabs all over the baby’s face.

Carrie and Jason-

Thank you for the invite to your church. It was definitely an interesting service for me. It was beautiful. The pastor seems super nice. I can see why you like it so much. We may have to show again sometime soon for another service. And if we can dress casual (I don’t know if I can wear blue jeans to church—it’s been ingrained in me not to) they may behave better. No names there….SAGE AND CONNOR.


  1. thanks for coming yall more than welcome anytime . Allya gotta do is ask for help well be there

  2. Glad you went! The picture is adorable!