The Saturday before Easter…

Now most people prefer to get their eggs in a basket {giggling to myself at that} and get their Easter “stuff” ready earlier than the day before Easter. Not me. I’m a rebel. I wait until the last possible moment. It keeps me on my toes.


I was just behind this year.

You decide.



Saturday we spent most of the day cleaning, playing outside, cleaning, playing, cleaning…and I got all the spring/summer clothes in Shayne and Stormy’s room and pulled out all the winter/fall stuff put in tubs;except for a couple pairs of jeans and a few long-sleeve tee shirts and a couple of sweatshirts…This is the mid-west and while it is nice out now, it could snow or something next week.

What else did we do?

Easter 2010 006Easter 2010 002 

 Easter 2010 013 Easter 2010 019 Easter 2010 015  Easter 2010 012

easter eggIMG_5890 copyIMG_5891 copyIMG_5892 copy

    And then the kids went to bed…

And the Easter Bunny got busy putting candy into the eggs and hiding them to get ready for the morning.

Crazy bunny shouldn’t wait until so late to do this stuff.

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