After Church what did we do on Easter?

Even though Paul wasn’t home, I still cooked a nice little Easter meal for me and the kids.

Easter 2010 105

What did I prepare?

Easter 2010 107 Easter 2010 108 Easter 2010 109

Easter 2010 110 Easter 2010 111

Waldorff salad (which my kids didn’t like the pecans), deviled eggs (after explaining to the kids that I had to peel the ones they dyed), sweet rolls (yummy!), green beans (the second best green beans…my M-I-L makes the best), and of course…ham.

We all ate lunch and then…we took naps. Seriously. Well…Connor and Shayne didn’t. I did. Stormy did. Sage did. And so did the dog!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter just like us.

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  1. makes me hungry looking at it! Looks like Sage enjoyed it!!!