PART II of the missing dog…

MORNING rolls around. I call the Public Safety again and they have had a report of a running dog late last night. And of one running in a town 10 miles away. ugh. My brother in law and his wife are on their way to help look. The previous owners are on their way to look. My sister in law and her boyfriend are looking. My mother in law comes to sit with the kids so I can look.

I spotted her across a busy street in this field. Which I get out and talk to her. She looks at me, turns her head to the side and takes off. AGAIN. I am not going to go into great detail about how the previous owners got stuck in quicksand mud while walking through a field. How we looked for a few hours. How she kept running. How many miles we walked. How many dead birds I saw {bleck}. How cold it was. How it was snowing or sleeting or misting. BUT~ how did I find her?

I turned the road {heading to find Paul at the very back of a huge field} and a Sherriff’s car was there. I ask him,

“Have you seen a huge black dog running?”

“Yes. There are a couple of women that are driving around looking for the owner.”

I grab Paul and follow the officer. Up this dead end road with huge fields on either side. Up a long driveway and to the back of this home. There she is. Shaking and scared and wet sitting up on their porch. She is growling. I call Jennifer {that’s the owner} and tell her. She is rushing. I tell  Paul to get away because she gets really scared when men {strange men} get near her. I also tell the officer that. He is fine with that. He would prefer to sit in his car because big, fat snowflakes are hitting us like crazy. I get the dog’s baby {which is a big stuffed Batman} and some treats out of the truck.  I slowly walk to her. She is still growling. I am nervous that she will take off again. I get close enough to toss her a treat and show her her baby. She is still growling but not too scary. I get close enough and use the baby’s head to get the leash close enough for me to get without getting too close to the dog. I just wanted to make sure she couldn’t take off again. Jennifer gets there and she has the dog’s favorite food. A Sonic Cheeseburger. Sapheria growls for a few seconds until she realizes who it is. We get her into their van and head back to our house.

Shew. It’s not done yet.

To be continued…

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