Final chapter on Missing dog…

Back at our house the dog is again, really scared. She has been outside over night. She doesn’t like snow. She hasn’t been outside without her leash on, ever. She has been slightly traumatized to say the least. After a little while we tell the previous owners that she will fine and it will just take some time for her to adjust. After she is in the kennel, she is so tired. But she is still growling at us if we get close. Fast forward a couple of hours. I finally got a much needed shower in which I had time to process everything.

I think this dog is a one family dog. And it’s not us. She has been taken from the only place she ever knew, ran away, slept outside over night, taken to a new home, new family and it’s just too much. I think this particular breed is best when you get them as puppies and train them and raise them for your family. Which I tell Paul. He agrees. I call Jennifer and explain everything to her. She is so happy to be getting her dog back. I tell her we will bring her back tonight. So we {Paul and Jason-a neighbor) loaded the dog up in the kennel in the back of the truck—no way are we going to try to force her in with just a leash because she is still growling when we get close. First stop was to tell Shayne. We head over to Lexi’s house and I go in to tell Shayne what is going on. She is so upset. She comes out to the truck and tells Phera,

“You be a good girl. I’ll miss you. Bye”

Stormy has been crying the whole time because she knows. Connor didn’t seem to mind too much. We drive the hour drive I had just done the night before and meet with Jennifer in a Walgreen’s parking lot. Sapheria is so happy to see her. And she gets into their van and that’s it.003

We don't have a dog anymore. Twenty-four hours of a dog with most of it the dog being gone and us looking for her. My kids are so sad. They are slightly comforted by the fact that we have told them we will get another dog someday really soon. A puppy. And they will get to name her.


What an experience. I know why I didn’t want a dog. I really know why now. But I know why I do want a dog. It will make my kids so happy. So maybe someday soon, we will have one.


  1. I really am sorry it didn't work out and I know you will get a new one soon!!!

  2. gosh debbie, that's quite a story!! sounds like she was ready to head back home. she looked awfully sad in her kennel!! happy new puppy hunting :)

  3. an u didnt even have a chance to lov her ... all the best things come an go like the wind .

  4. I'm sorry this was such a sad experience for you! trust me there is nothing like finding the right dog for you and having it grow into the best companion and comfort! they bring so much fun into your lives too!

    My dog is called Dulcie (hence Dulciedays username) She has been the best thing that has happened to me in a great many years and I couldn't imagine life without her!

    I hope you find the right dog for you soon

    Love Teri xxx

  5. I know you are sad but this time wasn't meant to be your puppy. You remember what it was with Bubba, just wait. It'll come back.