The story of getting a dog and losing it within a few hours…

First off let me say that “I know I said I didn’t want any pets while the kids were young.” Yes-I know I said it. I freely admit it. There are some things that are too good to pass up sometimes though. This was one of those times.

Paul works with this guy and he was telling him {Paul} about this dog his wife found an ad on. An English Mastiff. 2-years-old. House-trained. Great with kids. I did some research on this breed and they are affectionately known as gentle giants. GREAT with kids. Protective without being aggressive. This is perfect. I talk to the owner quite a bit. She is beyond sad that she has to give her up at all but do to moving there are no other options. I decide I am going to go get her on Friday night. My twin is going to go with me. Sapheria does great at the house. She was sweet and soft with the kids. Perfect. She was great on the way home. We stopped and got her treats and food and bowls and shampoo and etc. Dog stuff. I drop Bonnie off at home and then I head home. I open the hatch and grab her leash. She has other thoughts. She lets out a very scary growl and takes off. I mean OFF. Holy crap! The dog we just picked up is gone!!!!!!!!!!

I am panicky, crying and trying to remain calm. I try to follow her. She takes off down the street back up the street down the street and then left…into a field. Where I can’t see her. Where I can’t get to her. I have never seen such a big dog move so fast in my life. I am driving looking for her for around 30 minutes. I have to call Paul and tell him. He was so mad. His sister, Carrie and her boyfriend come and help me look. I call the Public Safety for our city and tell them and at least I have a lost animal report. And then…the previous owner called. And I had to tell her. She is so worried. And I am crying like a maniac trying to explain it to her. She tells me to calm down.  And it will be okay. So finally a few hours later I get some sleep with a little prayer for her to be okay for the night.

Story to be continued…

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