I am still here. After a jam-packed weekend, I am more than a little excited that the normal crazy week starts tomorrow!

Friday for our anniversary, Paul and I went to see Avatar in 3D. It was...interesting. I had no idea what it was supposed to be about. I kept assuming it was based on the little bald avatar from Nickelodeon. It's not. The graphics are amazing though.

Saturday I picked up my nieces because they were spending the night in order to help out for Sunday's plans. Shayne also had Lexi spend the night. I have talked about Lexi a few times on this blog... Anyhow...

Paul and I were sorely outnumbered by kids in this house on Saturday. Seven kids. Only two males in the whole bunch. That was Connor and Paul.

Have I mentioned that I am glad the normal craziness starts tomorrow?

Photos to come soon...I promise!

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