What makes you proud of your kid? Besides the fact that they are your kid. You know they have moments where they embarrass you so badly you wonder if you will ever leave the house again (my kids never announce when they have bodily functions when we are out in public. No way. My kids never throw fits in public. Nope. My kids never sass me in front of others and then look at me defiantly as if they know there is nothing that can be done about it at that moment. Not a chance). AHEM.

How about if your kid gets an award at school for being caring/showing compassion? Would that make your ♥ swell with pride? Would it make you smile like an idiot while she gets that award? Would it make you yell for her when she is handed the award?

IMG_5474 Heck yeah it would. I am proud that I have a child that is that way. Not all kids are. Some kids are deliberately mean to others. While Shayne may be a little stinker to her siblings sometimes, she also goes out of her way to be nice. That doesn’t mean she is that way all the time. I mean, come on, she’s a kid. BUT I couldn’t be more proud that others see what I see in her. A caring, compassionate young lady.

Love you Shayne shayne….SOOOOO MUCH!! Always be you.

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