pauldebbie1999Here Paul and I are on my 21st birthday. We went on a float trip. It sucked big time. My 21st birthday and the only thing to drink was beer. bleck. I hate beer. Yes---I am the gal that likes the fuu-fuu stuff. It’s all good though. Oh-except it rained. It was cold. And you had to pee outside. Hmmm—nature girl I am not.

We had an original date set for September 11th, 1999. I postponed it though  because changes had to be made before we were both ready. I had already paid deposits and scheduled (almost everything). After working through some much needed attended to issues, we set the new date, January 15, 2000. I was worried though…would my deposits still be available?

Yes-every single one only had one date open in January and it was the date we picked. FATE! The rehearsal dinner was a bbq place (which I didn’t like very much—but Paul loved!). I wasn’t feeling well that night. Starting to run a little fever. Paul thought it was nerves. Nope. Why would I be nervous about something that was right and okay? I wasn’t. I was sick. I did that post last year…

I managed to only stop the before wedding pictures a few times for vomit breaks. I didn’t have to use the trash can the pastor put behind the altar “just in case” during our ceremony. I managed to gag down a couple of bites of food. I danced. I laughed. I answered the ever present question, “Is it the 9-month-flu?” with a “NO!” I survived.


And even more amazing still is that WE have survived. Ten years TODAY. Yep. Paul and I are celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary today. Amazing because in America the divorce rate is 50%.

I still love Paul with all of my heart. He makes me crazy. He makes me happy. He makes me so pissed off. He makes me laugh. He makes me cry. He makes us…us.

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Our reception. It couldn’t have been more fun. Even with me being under the weather. We had the best DJ ever.

All the guys slid in on their knees for YMCA. It was so much freakin fun! I danced my booty off.

And the picture below…check out the waist-line baby. Yes-I was skinny once upon a time.

(Oh-and please look past the girl in the red Strawberry Shortcake dress. She wouldn’t leave me alone that night. She was a child of someone that was there.)

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Happy Anniversary Paul. I love you. Yesterday, Today and Always

p.s. this is your card…your welcome


  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY wow u aint killed yet !!! good job lol

  2. Happy Anniversary! I remember you looking beautiful! And me 9 months pregnant and not wanting to dance for fear I would give birth at your reception. I'm glad you guys are still happy! Have a great day!
    Tracy Crosley