SHAYNE EMILY D.O.B-----1/11/2002…AKA…the day I became a mother…

It is hard to believe that I did this post a year ago on the story of Shayne’s birth…

And yet…here it is. Another year has gone by and now, Shayne is turning 8. HOLY COW!! I can’t believe it. Whether I believe it or not won’t matter because at exactly 2:36PM (CST) Shayne is 8. Where has the time gone?

This picture is hours before she was born…shayne5

This one right after I got to meet the most beautiful baby in the whole world…shayne6

My very first Mother’s Day. Which is the one of the best holidays ever!shayne31

Paul and Shayne. He talked to her and did things that only a Daddy could do.shayne29

Before we knew it, Shayne turned one. shayne47

Remember this outfit?  shayne57  I do. And I always will.

This picture is one I didn’t take. My twin did. Because she got her dressed all frilly-like. shayne88And I love it.

This picture makes me giggle.shayne81Shayne climbed up in between Paul’s legs and fell asleep.

And then before we knew it, Shayne turned 2.shayne67   shayne118

And you get the idea…She turned three in 2005. shayne79



I won’t make your eyes sore with all the pictures I want to share with you. This sweet girl of mine makes me burst at the seams with pride. She made me a Momma 8 years ago today.

Dear Shayne,

I can’t believe how fast the time has flown. You are 8 now. There is so much that you do on your own it makes me sad and happy at the same time. You don’t need me as much as you used to. I maybe need you more than you need me at all. I need you to know how much I love you. How very proud I am to be your Momma. I need you to know that I love you with every fiber of my being. I need you to know that I am looking forward to watching you grow every day and it will make me sad. It will make me wonder how in the world did it go so fast?!? It will make me so happy that you can do so much on your own. I love you Shayne Emily.



shayne123      (This picture is from when Shayne turned 4)


  1. hard to believe how fast the time has gone. she is as pretty now (maybe more beautiful) as she was when she was born.

  2. Happy Birthday Doodles! I love ya!

  3. She is one of the prettiest little girls I have seen! From the get-go too! Well done, Debbie and Paul! (Great pics too - like ALWAYS great pics!)