Do you have a favorite picture of one of your kids? If you had to pick ONE picture that was the best of the best (for you) what would it be?

IMG_0156 IMG_0002   IMG_0480 IMG_8032 Portrait Innovations 10-5-06 104     Portrait Innovations 10-5-06 276 Portrait Innovations 10-5-06 342 IMG_1362

I couldn’t do it. Two reasons…

1. I couldn’t find some of the pictures that I LOVE.


2. Because that would be impossible to just pick one right?

I know someone that one of her favorite pics of her youngest is of her sitting on a chest looking over at some flowers (right Alisa?)

My mom’s favorite picture of Stormy is the one above with her smiling profile showing (she wasn’t even two yet). Paul’s favorite picture of Shayne is when she was 13-months-old and she was clapping her hands and looking up smiling so pretty…that one isn’t on here.

What about you? What is your favorite picture ever…of your babies. Or of you. I know you have one. We all do. That one picture that you look good in. My favorite pictures of me are the ones where I am pregnant. Yep…big belly and all. I love them. But before I had kids…my favorite picture…hmmmm….I will have to look and see what I have. That was all waaaaaaayyyyy pre-digital days so it may take me some time to find one. But I will. And then I will show you what I used to look like. I know you can barely contain your excitement on that right?



  1. I just love looking at pictures...they always bring such memories and usually smiles!

  2. OMG, great, great, great pics! I don't even think _I_ could pick a fave pic of your kiddos! They're ALL adorable! Even when you say they look all silly in the pics, they're STILL adorable!