Randomness Survey

Because I love these things I always answer them when I get them. I also love to read the responses. Sometimes I learn something new. Other times it is just repeat information.

my name is: Debbie

this morning i was: sleeping in!

im afraid of:Snakes

i dream about: my perfect home (my perfect is different than yours. We each should have that “perfect home” in our heads). Being free from money constraints.

Have You Ever...

pictured your crush naked?: umm…don’t have a crush

been in love: absolutely

cried when someone died: yes

lied: yes

flowers or candy: both.

scruff or clean shaven: a little of both on Paul. He has a goatee.

tall or short: I am short (5’)

With The Opposite Sex...

what do you notice first?: smell.

last person you slow danced with: Paul

worst question to ask: with a guy?---are  you gay? and they’re not. A woman? Are you pregnant? and they’re not.


makes you laugh the most?: my kids, Paul

makes you smile: my kids

gives you a funny feeling when you see them: I still am (almost) always happy to see Paul.

is easier talk to: boys or girls?: depends on what it is you have to talk about.

Do You Ever...

sit on the internet waiting for someone special to IM you?: Nope.

save AIM conversations?: what is this?

wish you were a member of the opposite sex?: Again with this question? Absolutely NOT.

cry because of something someone has said: Yes

pray?: Every night.

Have You Ever...

fallen for your best friend?: I am with him so I guess yes.

rejected someone: yes

done something you regretted: yes. But learned from it.

wanted to die: No.

Who Was The Last Person...

you talked to on the phone: Bonnie

hugged: Sage

you instant messaged: Katie

you laughed with: the kids

Do You...

color your hair: no

ever get off the computer: doesn’t seem like it does it? But yes. I am on here when I can. And not when I can’t.

habla espanol: pequito.

sprechen sie deutsches: no

fight with your parents: no.

have friends you've lost touch with: yes

feel happy?: most of the time

wish you could fly away.. far, far away?: yes

believe in God?: YES

could you live without the computer?:hmmm….that would make blogging difficult wouldn’t it? But I have survived without a computer before so could I? Yes. Do I want to? no.

what's your favorite candy?: A lot. Smarties is one of them though.

whats your favorite fruit?: again…a lot. I love strawberries. Pears. Oranges.

sunrise or sunset?: both.

what hurts the most? physical pain or emotional pain? Emotional is impossible to forget. Physical you say you remember but at least it’s temporary.

trust others way too easily?: Not really.

are your fingers cold?: Not right now.

coke or pepsi: If those are my only two choices…Coke

Final Questions...

I want: a job that I can do from home and make good money and that I like.

I wish: things were different in some ways.

I love: my kids and Paul.

I miss: a lot of people.

I fear: judgement.

I hear: Sage playing and Connor watching Scooby

I smell: my perfume

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