Long story and short story…that is the question…

I got out today for a birthday party for one of the neighbor kid’s party. Guess how many kids I had to take to Chuck E Cheeses…by myself…?

Any guesses?

There is only one correct answer. One. correct answer.

Okay so subtlety is not my strong suit. I only had to take one! Why you ask?

Well, let me tell you a story.

Last night we headed out to eat to a little bbq joint in a nearby town. Us (Paul, Stormy, Connor, Sage and I) and my sister-in-law, Carrie, her son (my nephew, Nick) and Carrie’s boyfriend (Jason) and his two kids (Karry and Coy). Shew. I think I got us all…ANYWHOOOO…

We all ate our food and were just sitting talking. Connor got his coat on and his hat and sat on top of the highchair informing us he was ready to go. We told him to just chill for a minute because we weren’t done yet. You know that mother instinct that tells you when something is wrong and then you doubt it and then you have to deal with the consequences of that doubt? Oh you don’t? Well…me neither then.

Just kidding.

I knew something was up with Connor but I played it off thinking he was just tired. Nope. Not even close. He threw up in the little corner we were sitting in at this restaurant EVERYTHING he had just eaten. EVERYTHING. Oh and because I was the lucky duck he happened to be sitting near…oh and the fact that I am his momma and I was comforting him…he threw up a little on me. Mac and cheese (in case you were wondering). The very kind waitress brought us the mop because she didn’t think she could handle it. It was a lot of vomit. On the floor. On Connor’s coat. And glove (I mentioned he was ready to go remember?). And on me. It took us 2 rolls of paper-towels to clean up the bigger portion. And then we used the mop. And then we left…after I asked for a large empty to go cup JUST IN CASE for the truck.

Connor then threw up again in the shower when we got home (just water).

And he threw up again in a large bowl later while laying in my bed (again…just water).

He was so thirsty. It was so hard to tell him no. But if you feed the flu…it is just going to keep coming up. He was up off and on the rest of the night with yours truly trying to help him. He didn’t throw up again. He was so uncomfortable. And a weird thing…no fever. Paul called ask a nurse and apparently there is a viral bug going around. I wonder if they just say that to make parent’s comfortable with the fact that their kid has puked up more than he consumed? Hmmm….

When we wake up this morning he is feeling much better except…he is beyond mad that he can’t have his morning cup o’joe (AKA milk) or any breakfast. We wanted him to try water for awhile. He was starving by 10AM. So we let him eat a little. No problems.

BUT we still can’t let him go to a place that has hundreds of kids running around passing out germs like there’s no tomorrow. So Paul decides he will stay at home with Connor and Sage. Sage has been having that darned runny nose for a few days and if we can keep her from getting worse…we will.

So where on earth was Shayne you ask? She has been staying at her friend’s house for a couple of nights. Shayne loves to stay at her friend, Lexi’s house. So because I love that it makes Shayne so happy…I give in. I am going to have to make her come home soon. I miss her sweet little face.

So that’s the long version of the story. The short version? Two kids were sick and one was at a friend’s house is the reason I only had to take one kid to Chuck E Cheese’s.

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