The busy Sunday…

Sunday was Shayne’s “party.” We didn’t really do a big party for her this year. Instead I only let her pick a couple of girls to come over and we did nails and make-up and then…I took them to the movies.

This was probably the most disorganized I have ever been with a party. First I messed up on the invites. I had Sunday the 16th. I did mean Sunday, I just didn’t re-check the dates. I then had the wrong time down because the movie showings hadn’t been listed. Anyways…the girls showed up…we ate…we did nails and eye make-up (for those that wanted it) and then…out we went.

Shayne picked Alvin and the Chipmunks II. Thank goodness all the girls were in the kid pricing ticket still. Movie tickets are CRAZY expensive right? Then we headed in to buy popcorn. I actually bought one large popcorn and one large drink. I got courtesy cups as well…why? Because I had the girls share the popcorn between two of them in the little cups. I then had enough cups for them to get their own drink via my large drink. I think it was pretty even because those two items were over $12.

A peek at the party/movie goers?

Riley, Shayne, Lexi, Lexi and Madi. (Madi is Lexi’s sister. She went as a helper to me with the younger girls. Thanks Madi!) And nope Riley and the other Lexi aren’t twins. They did have the same shirt on though!

IMG_6957 Oh—and yes…Shayne got another cake…kind of. It was a rice-krispy treat bear. Can you tell?


All the girls were so quiet on the drive to the theater. Until I turned on Miley Cyrus. I love that they are this age! Thank you to all of you girls for helping Shayne celebrate turning 8!

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  1. How exciting!! Glad our little girl has so many good friends to share her day with!