10.30.2009---More and more and more...

Stormy's FALL PARTY was on Friday morning. And they (the teachers) decided to go with the theme that the kids have been learning about...night theme. So all the kids had to wear pajamas. Very sneaky way to get the kids out of dressing up, no? Not a big deal though...because we had to buy Stormy new pajamas to distract from the fact she couldn't wear her costume. What did my darling girl pick out to wear?

So Stormy. She did get to do fall projects...decorating a jack-o-lantern. So a HALLOWEEN project!

Shayne also had a fall party. She had to go as a noun. A person, place or thing. We chose person. And Shayne had originally picked this costume but changed her mind after I had already bought it. So at least she still got to wear it!

AND check this out:

One of the mom's in Shayne's class made these! HOW COOL ARE THEY?

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