10.29.2009~*~An extremely CREATIVE busy day*~*~

My busy day started with the FALL party for Connor's pre-school class. The italics display my displeasure at having to call it a fall party rather than the HALLOWEEN party it really is. Anywhoo...Connor had to dress up as an adjective because you are not allowed to wear a Halloween costume. So I picked STRONG. And I had him wear his HALLOWEEN costume.

They did story time, project time, snack time (Connor's favorite) and music. It was so fun to see him at school interacting with the other kids.


After school for all three I decided to do a fun project. Wanna see?

That is not ours...Had ya didn't I? But this was our project.

Connor helped too. Only for a few seconds though. He just wasn't into it!
Here is the blank canvas (so to speak) for the kids to decorate...

A sneak peek of the only piece that I actually attached to the house.

Connor did four of the little purple pieces and then...he started to eat them so he was booted out of the project area...

Drum roll please...finished project: