I have been working on a post for a couple of days but you can't tell it here can ya? That would be because my computer (my ancient laptop) has been having fatal errors. Something with the drivers (I think). My mom said her hard drive died a slow and painful death just like mine seems to be doing. What is the lifespan on a laptop anyways? I have had this one for 3 years. I know that is ancient in computer world. It still works...when it wants to. I haven't lost any data...yet. I have been trying to back up my system like a crazy person. It may be time for a new computer.

What is the good and the bad of that?

The bad...it's just another expense. And it's an expensive expense!

The good...I have been wanting a new computer! I have been looking at them online. Trying to figure out what I want and what I need. Those two things are not necessarily the same. So a compromise is in order for that. I will be computer shopping online later today.

So in the meantime...I will try to post when my computer isn't crashing. And I am not cursing at it under my breath Oh, I mean when I am saying how much I love my laptop and please, please let me get a few more things done before the fatal error pops up again!

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  1. Yeah, just when you get your computer figured out, it dies and then you have to get a new one and learn it's little tricks all over again!