10.28.2009---She always does this when she sees---

Every time Sage sees this:

She does this:

And they both do this:

And it makes me smile every time! I wish you could hear the conversation that goes on during this. Mostly it involves yelling, high-pitched yelling that is. It also involves giggling. The full-belly giggling that makes most hearts melt. You know, that baby giggle that is so true and pure it is one of the best sound in the world and it makes people around it smile even if they don't feel like it. It has that kind of pull. It just sucks you in and makes the muscles in your face turn upward to make you smile....yeah that kind of baby giggle.


  1. Makes my heart melt and my face smile just reading about it!

  2. Naughty little girls. They are too sweet.