What makes your kid scream around Christmas time?

The presents?

Pure excitement?

What makes my kid scream at Christmas?


Only one of them was scared. Watch Cooper’s face also.


Can you tell which one? Cooper was done with the drama of it all I think.


It’s the same one that yelled from the exit “NAN YOU!” and took off running down the mall.

She was saying “thank you” for the coloring book and sucker he gave her. But that image goes like this:

She was holding onto Paul with a death grip and Santa held the book and sucker out to her. She put her chubby little hands out, grabbed it and then buried her face back into Paul’s neck to save herself anymore fright.

What did the kids ask for?

Shayne…even though she knows…she still told him a DSi and she smiled the whole time she was saying it.

Stormy…only 3 things did she ask for. A DSi. A calculator that prints receipts. A new Zhu Zhu.

Connor…a dirt bike.

Sage wouldn’t talk. Imagine that.

Oh-Paul got in the picture we paid for. He was standing behind the chair. I can’t really share it because…it’s copyrighted of course and I didn’t take it.

And this lovely Santa was kind enough to let us snap a photo of just him and Cooper. Since it was his first visit with Santa and all.


We all told Santa “THANK YOU” except for Sage. She just yelled it on her way away from him!

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  1. Poor Sage! If I remember correctly, this is the same Santa from last year and she was terrified of him then too! I keep picturing the shot of him behind the chair so Sage couldn't see him!