Things that happen in my home…A LOT.

What happens when a certain two-year-old hears the word “shower” in our house:


If you can see everything in the background…that happens in my house a lot too. The grip on the floor (for those that don’t speak railroad that is the bag that railroaders carry all of their stuff in. They have a lot of stuff. Trust me), the car seat that needs to be washed again, the diaper bag hanging on the staircase, the jacket hanging on the stair case, the TV on Max and Ruby, the…etc. There’s lots that goes on every day in my house. It is not always picked up. It is not always quiet. And there is often a two-year-old running around naked because she heard the word “shower.”

Something else that has been happening in my house since last Tuesday:


Yep. When you smile and talk to Cooper long enough, he is kind enough to bless you with this:


Try not to smile. Dare ya.


You lost! HA!

Now you owe me…nothing. I was just teasing. But it made me smile.

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