Last of the Christmas celebrations for us

The last celebration we went to was to my father-in-law’s and his wife’s house. I also say that because it seems weird to call her step-mother-in-law. Anyways…

Ron (my father-in-law) and his wife, Linda, spoil the kids and me rotten. In a good way. I’m not talking about the presents; that’s nice too but in this case I’m talking about the kind words they use about the kids and me. Paul too of course. But me? They don’t have to do or say anything nice. But they do. That’s the kind of people they are. I feel very blessed to have them in my life. I hope they know that.

Back to Christmas celebration with them. The presents! My big girls got TONS of stuff for their American Girl Dolls. Which they adore!! Connor got a Batman Learning laptop. Sage got a Madame Alexander doll—that came with an i-Pod for the doll that Stormy is now convinced she needs one—and tons of stuff for her doll. Cooper got some pajamas and this really big dog. A huge stuffed, softer than soft dog WHICH I LOVE because it is the closest thing he will have for a dog for a long while! Paul and I got some wonderful stuff for the kitchen. A couple of months ago Ron asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I told him, “My selfish want is a Kitchen Aid mixer.” He later called and asked if Santa was going to get that item, what color would I like. I told him, “white or silver. But it really is selfish for me to want that.” He told me thanks for the info.  He and Linda got me my selfish want item. I hope they didn’t see me tearing up after opening the gift. It really was way too much. I also got a waffle iron a week ago. It was one they didn’t use. 

Want to know what Shayne’s favorite part of the whole night is?

The food. More specifically, the brisket that Linda’s son (-in-law) smoked. Shayne is a serious carnivore. I ate two plates of food. I should’ve worn my maternity pants because my jeans were cutting off circulation. The food was de.lic.ious!

Now for a few pics.

My FIL and Cooper.


Sage & Logan---I LOVE this picture!!!!


The girls checking out their goody bags.


Connor…very excited about his gifts!


Ron & Linda~

Thank you for everything. Not just the material stuff. I am very lucky to have you both in my life.



  1. Wow!! This is great...love the pics and it looks like all of the kids were really having a great time. Especially love the one of Sage and Logan!