The second part of Christmas

We headed to my mother-in-law’s house. The kids got some great presents there! Stormy got a calculator that prints receipts. That was something she specifically asked for. Shayne got her own mp3 player; which Stormy now wants. Connor got this motor thing that he can take apart and put back together and the Woody figure (I just can’t put doll for my son) that he asked for. Sage got a lap-top. Leapfrog one that is. Cooper got the activity tummy time mat I asked for and a case of diapers (WAHOO! I love those gifts!!). Paul got what I told his sister to tell his mom that he wanted. A wheelbarrow. And a shovel. That’s just Paul. My gifts from my mother-in-law were wonderful. She got me the chain that I can put my little people charms on. And guess what else…

Season 4 of “Golden Girls”. As soon as I opened it my kids groaned. They don’t like Goldie Girls like me. But they do know the theme song to it. HA! It’s only fair. I had to watch “Dallas” when I was young.

Paul also had a gift for me at his mom’s house. It was the charm for Cooper for my necklace. Now I have 5 little people on the necklace. I could’ve cried. I actually didn’t know my gifts this year. It was nice.

Now for a few pictures…



Something we have done since Christmas 2008 was have Sage and her cousin Logan pose together in the yellow chair. We did the same this year. My lens (that I have been having issues with) wasn’t cooperating with me so much so it is a little blurry but at least I have it. And one of the two of them hugging.

390 394

Pretty sweet right?

Of course we did a family shot. And I did pictures of everyone’s else's families too. I need to check with them to see if they mind if I share them though. And a grandkids pic. But I will share a one of my mother-in-law with her kids.


These three together. My brother-in-law, Eric. One biggest, kindest guys I know. But still such a guy. My sister-in-law, Carrie. She loves my kids so much. If I ever need a sitter and she doesn’t have plans, she willingly watches my kids. And the kids love her. My mother-in-law, Penny. She is the Mom’s Mom. She is a wonderful mother and mother-in-law.And she makes turkey gravy to die for. And I think I have talked about Paul before on this blog right (hardy har)? He’s the bald guy in the picture. I love him with all my heart.

Now for our family photo on Christmas day.

Before I show you let me say this: Sage didn’t get to nap. Connor never looks. Cooper was looking…for who knows. Shayne, of course, is the model and Stormy is quickly following her footsteps!


We still have one more Christmas celebration to go after this. I’m not sure of how many pictures I have from it so I will get back with you soon!