I didn’t forget last week. It was a slightly busy week. I did do little man’s pics. I just didn’t post and then I decided to wait until this week and just add both pictures. AND then I decided to add the weekly pics from before as a comparison post.

Do you think he’s changed?

016 one week old

044 copy048 copy4 weeks old

Cooper 5 weeks old

Cooper 6 weeks

Do I think he’s changed?

Oh yeah I do. He has packed on the pounds (ha!). It’s amazing what 3 pounds difference will make.

What else is going on with my little Coop?

I jinxed him sleeping through the night. Because I bragged about it, he has been up for the past couple of nights. He seems to have caught the little congestion stuff going on with some of my kids so he has a hard time breathing. Which is why he is up. So hopefully once we get it cleared out, he will back to sleeping long stretches at night.

He looks around a lot when he is awake. He is really strong.He can hold his head up for long periods of time. If he is on his stomach he can roll over. I don’t really count that as rolling over because he has no idea what he’s doing. He looks startled when he sneezes. His baby acne seems to be clearing a little. You can tell some of the pics when it’s really bad. I usually make those black and white and soften them a little. NO ONE wants photos of them with zits all over their faces right? Well, I don’t anyways. HA!

I think that’s it for this 6 week post.

Now I’m off to the treadmill. My 6 weeks are up and it’s time for some baby weight to shed. I hope 3 pounds will make as big a difference on me as it does for my Coop! HA!!!!

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