Things I remember…

What is something you remember your grandma doing with you?

Letting you play in her bead box?

Building the same puzzle a hundred times?'

Making popcorn in the good popper just because you asked?

Going shopping and getting something because you followed the golden rule of not asking for anything therefore you get a treat at the end?


so those are just some of the things I remember doing with my Grandma D (whom I don’t see nearly enough but whom I love so much…I hope she knows that).

Something else I remember doing with my Grandma…

making noodles for chicken noodle soup.

And I am passing the torch.


I had my girls help me make the noodles for homemade chicken noodles the other day. It made their day.

It made my head re-fill memories of my Grandma.  I smiled the whole time they were working the dough. And when they yelled at Connor to get back because…that’s the exact same thing me and my twin did to our brother.

Do you have any special memories like that?


  1. I wish I was close to my grandma like that but unfortunately I was not. My children however are very close to my mom and I think it is wonderful! (Is it a recipe you can share ;)

  2. Bead box was sooo much fun. You left off the cross-stitching memories and how Grandma would sing "Hey Good Lookin'" in the kitchen.