Busy weekend…

That title pretty much sums up every day for me right now.


But in a good way.

Having 5 children means there is always something that needs taking care of. Or picked up. Or cleaned. Or washed. Or read to. Or held.


I had a couple of shoots this weekend. Normally, it doesn’t take me too long to edit and get the shoots emailed to the appropriate persons. It may take me a day longer than normal now though. Why?



Yep. That sweet little baby of mine is an eater. And I don’t mind one bit. I may get more done faster if I stop looking at him and kissing his soft head.

But it won’t always be like that so I am soaking it all in now.

(Excuse the photos there. Shayne wanted to take a picture. She did great. But I have no makeup on. I didn’t edit the pics either. That is what I look like after daylight savings time and my 5 year-old son wants to get up early. That is after the 2 week old son has been up every 2 to 3 hours during the night.)

I also only work on my shoots during Sage’s naptime. When all the kids are up and running, I am busy with them.


I have more to share but naptime for the two-year-old is almost over for the day. And it is actually nice out today so we will all go outside for some fresh air!

Until later…which means probably tomorrow.


  1. Tell Shayne to keep up the good work (with the pictures). She's really doing a good job!!!

  2. He looks so alert already! Doodles did a good job.