Finishing off Red Ribbon Week at school

Earlier in the week, you saw the 80s style we had going on in this post. Thursday was hat day. Which I didn’t take any photos of. But Friday…Friday was a combo day. It was sports apparel day. And it was vocabulary day. Which basically means it was Halloween day. It is called vocabulary/descriptive words day so it doesn’t offend anyone. I think I mentioned that year in a post that it bugs me but let’s move past that shall we?

Shayne’s word was “lovely.” She wanted to be a lovely vampire. Not sure how that is technically possible but she did look lovely.


Stormy’s word was peppy. And does that suit her or what?


The kindergarten class had to dress up as colors. Connor’s was purple. So he wore his Joker costume.


I couldn’t leave Sage un-festive so we got her dolled up too. Sweet as pumpkin pie I tell you.


Did Cooper get all festive?

So glad you asked.

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I did take Sage and Cooper up to the parade. I then made the rounds to each kiddo’s classroom. Any child that approached me with hands out saying, “Oh—he’s so cute…” was quickly (but nicely) told, “Thank you…don’t touch him please.”

I know weird. But…he is only 9 days old (that was yesterday).

Shayne really is going to be a vampire on Halloween. Connor really is going to be Joker on Halloween. I also have Sage’s and Cooper’s costumes picked out. And mine now finally too. But sweet Stormy doesn’t want to be a cheerleader on Halloween. She picked out a different costume. And wait until you see what she picked.

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