Red Ribbon Week

This week at school is Red Ribbon Week. Each day of the week has a theme for the kids to dress up as.

Monday was PJ day. Which is always nice because…the kids just roll out of bed and go. Less laundry really is what it means for me.

Tuesday was twin day. Shayne wore the school shirt and jeans to be twins with her best friend, Lexi. Stormy wore a white tee shirt and jeans and so did Connor.

Today. Oh today. Today is 80s day. I went above and beyond on some of the aspects of this theme. Why? Because it seriously makes me giggle.

The girls couldn’t believe that people actually did their hair the way that I did theirs, every day. They thought I was joking when I said there was so much hair spray abuse then. They couldn’t stop giggling. And then…the eye makeup. That even a lot of boys wore. They were in shock. And every person knows that you had to wear bright lipstick every day in the 80s right?

I know you must be dying of curiosity to see what they looked like this morning.

Well I hope not literally but you catch what I’m saying right?





And no…Connor isn’t being left out. He will have his collar up on his shirt for school today. I will try to add those later.


  1. Just like watching you and Bonnie all over again!!

  2. The poodle bangs and the tight rolled jeans, made me laugh out loud!! Nice work!

  3. Love it...and the silly band just seem to fit right in with it!