“It’s {not} my party and I’ll cry if I want to…” or “Monkey see Monkey do…Sage Ryanne turned 2!”

What the heck kind of title is that Debbie?

Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start. When you read you begin with A B C….

Oops. The beginning of this birthday party.

Paul got his call so he was gone. He was going to watch how everything went and he was hoping he would be back in time for the party.


I grilled hot dogs that I was going to serve to the kids at the party. Not a big deal. Except. There is always an “except” with my stories. I hate starting the grill. Especially with my darlings running all over the neighborhood while I am attending the grill. It’s a charcoal grill. It burned the hair off of my right arm. The hot dogs got done and then I scratched that off of my list.

I made the first cake on Saturday early afternoon. It dropped on the floor. Which really means that I dropped it. And it exploded all over the kitchen floor. The kids saw the tears on my face. And heard the bad words I had to say about it. They asked if they could play downstairs for awhile. My kids can be the smartest little beings when they want to. I also have to confess that I seriously considered how I could put it back together. Not happening.

Second cake. I decided to make a brownie cake. You do know that brownies are impossible to release from a formed cake pan right? You do?!? WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?!?!? I scraped that one out of the cake pan.

I decided to give the cake pan one last try before calling it quits.

Thank you Dear Lord for making this cake a success.

My brother-in-law (and my sleepy nephew Logan and his momma, Jen) brought out the smoked brisket my father-in-law got for us for the party. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!!!

Sunday morning.

I am running around trying to get what I haven’t done…done. Which wasn’t that much but with 3 kids to get ready and myself (Shayne was at her best friend’s of course) it was a lot. I got the vegetables ready. The fruit (grapes and strawberries) and the pickles and olives. I inflated balloons (with a little helium tank I bought). I packed everything into laundry baskets or coolers that could be put in wherever I could make it fit.

Then I needed to put those in the car. UGH. I am pretty sure I’m not supposed to be lifting anything like that but…how else was it going to get in the back of the car? 

Ben, stopped by and asked if I needed anything. ICE. I asked him to go to Sonic and buy two bags for me. Which he did. Thank you Ben!!

My neighbor, Matt, came over and asked if I needed anything. I asked if they could bring the cake (after I remembered that it was in the fridge still).

I headed up to the park. The party started at 11AM. I got there at 11:07. Yeah…great hostess that I am.

A few people started showing up and headed to the play area with their kids. I (with the much needed help of others!) got the food unloaded and set out. Everything was ready to eat by 11:40ish. I had everyone come over and eat at 12. The food was so delicious. The kids did great. I have the best group of friends…EVER. Bill, Julie, Matt, Staci, Bonnie, Katie, Maggie…THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After eating was a little more play time. And then we did cake. And then presents.

Paul showed up just in time for the last two presents.

And then it was over.

Just like that. My baby girl is 2. Her party was a success. And me? I went home and took a nap when she did. It was a rough couple of days after all.

Here is the monkey. I mean the monkey cake.


Here is the two-year-old monkey.



056 054

My sister-in-law tried feeding the cake and ice cream to Sage. Sage does that now when you do something for her that she wants to do herself. Ahem.



070 074

See my face in this one? I had this outfit in pink when Sage was only a couple of months old. It’s actually in a post on my blog. It’s about an explosion. Anyways…I LOVE THIS OUTFIT!


This is what Sage does when she wants to open her presents.


This last one…

Sage told everyone “NAN YOU!”

Which means of course,


Thank you.


  1. Too cute. She is so adorable. I'm glad she had a fun birthday. I made that monkey cake last year for a friend's 2nd bday. Your decorating job is great. You can mark birthdays off the list for the year now ... until the actual birth day of #5.

  2. Wow! I really enjoyed reading this one and especially the pictures. Sage is just so darn adorable!!