Friday night fun…and terror

Last week my girls (the bigger two) did a cheer clinic with the highschoolers. Part of the fun of that whole clinic is that the following week they get to join the big girls on the field for the first quarter.

Sounds painless right?

We get there with enough time for me to lick my hands and apply the facial tattoos supporting our high school. Seriously. I slobbered all over the place just so they could wear these things. You know the ones right? You are supposed to use cold water and pressure. Since I didn’t have a water bottle with me or any fountains in sight…I used what God gave me. Poor girls. It must have been gross having Mommy lick your face. Okay…I didn’t technically lick their face. Just my hands to get the tattoos to stay but it was still probably gross. I wouldn’t do it to me anyways.

It was crazy busy at the stadium. Our town goes crazy over our football team. They are that good. Seriously. Scary good.

Here are the girls before we walked in.023 Beautiful right?

I have mentioned many times how scared Connor is of fireworks. Another child of mine also freaks out over fireworks.

Why in the heck am I mentioning fireworks on September football post?

Because as part of the opening show…some are sent off (sent off…lit off…went off…HOWEVER you are supposed to say it).

I really did think they were going to have heart attacks.

Guesses on what helped the little naughty one?

026 Yep. Daddy got her some nachos. Disgusting if you ask me (remember…I don’t like cheese? I know. I’m crazy like that.)

Before the game started the announcements were made. One included if the bad storms heading our way continued…to take shelter in your vehicle. That sounds promising doesn’t it?

Good reason though. The sky looked like this:


Okay…so we know it’s going to storm. It’s just a matter of when.

There were over 250 little girls out on the field for the first quarter. Here are two of the ones I was looking for:

067 copy 099 copy

Shayne did like she usually does. AWESOME!

Stormy…is my little whirlwind (another thing I have mentioned a time or two). She takes a bit before she realizes she is supposed to be cheering.

So when there was a minute left in the first quarter, I headed to get Stormy and Paul to the other end of the field to get Shayne. It was starting to lightening.

I was walking/waddling as fast as I could.

I stopped to take a picture of the sun setting. It was so beautiful.

111 So I get Stormy and we are walking/running quickly to the car. Over the speakers we hear, “At this time, please seek shelter in your vehicle. We are going to delay the game for thirty minutes to see if the storm passes us.”

Oh crap.

I am really trying to hustle now.

We all meet back at the vehicle and get in. And then it starts to rain and really storm.

So the terror was of course the fireworks for two of my children. The fun…was watching my beautiful older daughters cheer.

What a night.

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  1. Sorry about the storm but so happy the girls got to have their moment on the field!!