The other day…

I tweeted why I wasn’t posting. It was a picture that looked like this:


Okay…so that was the same picture.

Any guesses on what it was exactly?

Well---here are some hints:



I took my kiddos to the pool. Which I haven’t been doing so much lately. It isn’t the easiest task in the world. One of our neighbors, Matt, was there with his daughters. His daughters swim like fish! Sage kept jumping into the water for him. Connor will go no where near him because…Connor prefers the little pool. Anywhoo…Sage managed to get around to the deep side and Matt was still in the shallow end. I hopped up and ran around and grabbed her. On the hopping up part…I heard (felt) something pop. I’m pretty sure I will never walk the same again. The tendons/ligaments in the upper left thigh area of my body are never going to forgive me for that.

I went to bed super early because of the pain. Not that it seemed to completely heal overnight, what with the getting up two times to use the bathroom and almost collapsing after getting out of bed because of the pain. Today it’s not as bad as it was. Thank God.

Back to the question…what was this?: downsized_0816001910 Me. Looking down. Yep—of course I got in and swam with my kids. Again…not the easiest thing—or the prettiest. I am the woman when you walk by the pool you look twice because of the size of her. Yep—trying to keep a maternity suit covering the belly and the {ahem} chest area from being exposed more than it already is and trying to deal with 4 kids…not pretty. The water actually helps a lot with the gravity factor of pregnancy. The water just wasn’t that warm to me. So I got out and manned the kids from poolside. After the jumping up incident…Matt kindly let Sage use some of their floaties. Not that it meant I just let Sage loose. Floaties are not lifesaving devices. BUT it would give me enough time to get her safely.

So there you have it. I didn’t blog the other night because I was busy with the kids at the pool. And then suffering in agony for the remainder of the night.

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