It's time...time to go back to school...again!

The title is from a movie...what movie?

Yep. Today was the girls' first day of school.
They woke up in good moods! It was nice to have that normal routine in the morning!
So here they are before we headed out...
And yes...they have the same backpack. They didn't want to have the same backpacks. BUT they both argued over who was going to get it and who had to put theirs back. Since neither could agree...they have the same.
I didn't take the camera today. Paul was out of town and frankly...my hands were full. I walked them in (like I always do for their first day). Gave them hugs at their classrooms and told them I loved them.

No---I don't get all weepy at these things. It is something they have to do. I explain to them that I will see them in just a bit. And they know that. They know they will be fine or I wouldn't leave them. Simple as that.
Now when they graduate I will be a mess.

I picked the girls up early (today was a short day) and they both had great days.
Tomorrow is Connor's first day. He goes in the afternoon. I will let you know how that goes!

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