Another first…done.

Yep. Today was Connor’s first day of kindergarten.

First he ate lunch in his underwear because I didn’t want him getting messy.

028 Then he got his new outfit on and his new shoes and grabbed his backpack. He was so ready to go. He didn’t want any photos taken…yeah right. Like he has a choice on this day.

031 032 038

Once at school he walked quickly through the halls. He knew exactly where he was going and what he was supposed to do.


He put his backpack in his locker and headed into his room. Got his pencil box (crayons really) and got busy. I leaned down and told him to listen today. To be a good boy. He replied with “Okay Mom.”

I said I loved him and I would see him after a little while.

046 051 053

So I will go pick all three kids up this afternoon. I can’t wait to see how their days went.

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  1. This Grandma can't wait to hear about it either!!(especially since I always remember you and Bonnie's first day of Kindergarden)