Funny things my kids say…

While I was reading Connor a book tonight—a rhyming funny book about dinosaurs--he said something…

ME: “…dinosaur {something} and dinosaur fat.”

HIM: “Oh-like you Momma”

I looked over at him. Paused. And seriously considered pushing him off of his own bed.

I don’t think I would ever push my 5-year-old son off of his own bed out of spite. Tempting though. Especially when the boy that causes me grief to no end just called me fat like the dinosaurs.



“Mom-why do you have those purple marks on your belly?”

“Because. They are stretch marks from my tummy being so stretched from having all of you babies.”

“Look Mom. I have some on my hand!!”

I looked at her hand.

“Stormy, those are veins.”


Shayne made me a note tonight. She got into a little bit of trouble earlier.

I’m not going to type letter for letter what she said…because I would have to go get it out of my room and I don’t feel like climbing the stairs…again.

BUT she said… I’m sorry for not listening to you. Will you please forgive me?

And then she drew a bunny on the page.

I told her of course I forgive her. It wasn’t that big of a deal but she really needs to listen to me.

She said: “Yeah. But do you like my bunny?”

Gotta love it.

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