What will the baby’s bedding look like?

Well- I hope it will like it’s supposed to. But since I am sewing it, there are no guarantees. I can tell you that I did shop around for something that I liked. BUT I didn’t want monkeys. I love the monkey stuff that’s out right now. I just didn’t want it for my baby’s bedding. Or turtles. Or sports stuff. Or..etc. You get the idea. I didn’t see anything I was dying to have.

And then I took my twinkie (this is my twin—for those wondering why I would take a Twinkie places) to Hobby Lobby with me. The first patterned material I picked out seemed great. And then I kept looking. And then I worried that what I was picking was “too  girlie.” Not that it matters to anyone else. Just me. But I knew I wanted something that would look great and manly. And yet again, I find that there is always more in the feminine looking stuff than the manly-cute stuff.

And then jackpot. I found this one material that I thought was perfect. It wasn’t girlie. It wasn’t ugly either. Suh-weet. And then…I changed my mind. I think my twinkie was getting upset with me. She just wanted me to choose. And finally…I did. And I really, really love it. The colors are fantastic. The material is perfect for my little man’s stuff.

So enough already. What does it look like?!?!?!



Oh—and the material I picked was 30% off. Does it get any sweeter than that?

I agree.


  1. Ooooooh, I LOVE it! SOOO many possibilities on what all could go with it! Excellent choice and score on the sale price!

    (And what exactly are you sewing? Feel free to email me if you want any tips - or my sis-in-law too, who is in Olathe, she's a Seamstress Queen - check out her creations at Bugglesnug Crafts on FB - I sent you a friend request...)

    Anyway, just meant to say WOW, great fabric!