July 21st…a history…

Do you know the history of July 21st? Let me enlighten you a little from my {little} research about this particular day.

1873 - Jesse James and his gang conducted the first train robbery in America. At Adair, Iowa, James and company took $3,000 from the Rock Island Express. I found this interesting only because…Paul works for the railroad and all.

1958 - On CBS-TV, the last installment of "Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts" aired. Many artists owed their starts to "Talent Scouts," including Tony Bennett, Pat Boone, The McGuire Sisters and a singer named Connie Francis; who not only sang, but played the accordion. This sounds like the beginning of shows like Star Search and American Idol right?

1959 - In the United States, a New York City District Court judge ruled "Lady Chatterley’s Lover" was not a dirty book. A year later, the ruling would be upheld in the United States appeals court. The book has been referred to as a literary work of art. Now I want to read this book. I never have and now, my curiosity has been piqued.

1973 - Jim Croce got his first big hit when "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" reached #1 on the "Billboard" pop-singles chart. Two months later on September 20, 1973, Croce died in a plane crash. I like this song. It was 5 years before I was born though.

1978 - Following a July 3, 1978, Superior Court decision which upheld the FCC's right to reprimand stations broadcasting profane language, the chairman for the FCC assured the broadcasting industry that the FCC was not going to become a censor. WOW. Did you read that last part? Yeah…right.

1985 - According to "Playgirl" magazine, the 10 sexiest men in the United States included: comedian John Candy, New York Governor Mario Cuomo and Representative Jack Kemp. John Candy—really? The same one that was in Uncle Buck (among many, many movies) that had serious weight issues? Hmmm…Times have changed.

1985 - Thoroughbred race horse, John Henry, retired from the track. Originally purchased for a mere $1,100, the 1984 Horse of the Year had career winnings of $6.5 million. Of the 83 races he started, John Henry won 39 and was 10 years old when he retired. Wouldn’t it be nice to retire at the age of 10?

1987 - Television host of "Entertainment Tonight," Mary Hart, made headlines when, today, she had her legs insured by Lloyd’s of London for $2 million. This is just odd to me.

Did you know any of those facts?

I didn’t. Not until I googled things that happened on that day. Now why in the world would I do that?

I forgot to add one more monstrously important fact that happened on this date.

2005: Connor Wyatt born at 11:24AM—and I am the luckiest Mom in the world to have been chosen for him. I did his birthday story last year. “I had my epidural around 10ish and started pushing at 11:06 and then…there he was at 11:24AM…the most perfect little boy. Weighing 6lbs. 15 oz. and was 19” long.”


Yep. Today is my little boy’s birthday. I can’t believe he is 5. I mean…no really…he is 5?!?! Wow. I had to look for pictures of him. We didn’t even have a digital camera until he was 5 months old. Stone age time I tell you. Pre-digital: when I spent a small fortune developing film.

Did you want to see my little boy grow up over the years?

That’s a relief, because I was going to show you anyways {hardy-har}…

These are from when he was new…as new as can be!

c10 c12 c15f22 

  And then…he turned one.

c106   c107

And then…two.  

P7211477 P7210667_editedP7211478_edited

Three was a blast.

P7200020P7200036  P7200081

Four…for the first time ever… I did a “character” themed party. Because he wanted it so badly.

How could I refuse?

IMG_1386 IMG_1390IMG_1387  
And now…5.

He just isn’t a baby anymore.

But make no mistake.

He will always be my baby boy.


  1. Happy Birthday Connor!! We love you.

  2. Happy Birthday Connor!

    (And for the record, my book club is reading "Lady Chatterley's Lover" for our August meeting!)

  3. Happy Birthday Boo-Boo! I love you Little man!

  4. Hope he had a great day! What kind of goodies did he get?!?!?