Do you know what you are looking at?!?!

Sonograms take some getting used to on seeing what is what. I happen to be a pro. Yeah right. I am most definitely NOT a pro, but having this many kids and having as many sonograms as I have…I know some parts.

For example:

Do you know what you are looking at in this sonogram?


Aside from the most beautiful creation ever…

IMG_6653 with words

And yep—in all sonograms when they get the shot where the baby is “looking” at you—they all look like aliens.

Let’s try a more flattering shot of this gorgeous babe from within…

baby5 sono 

He has the most perfect little nose. The roundest little cheeks. And neurologically? He will be a genius because of all the hiccups he has. It takes a lot neurologically for babes to have the hiccups. Let me tell you…he is going to be a genius. But what all are you looking at in that picture?

 baby5 sono 2

Yep—my sweet man was swallowing.

As far as everything else goes?

ATTENTION TO DETAIL HERE (so if you are squeamish with the word cervix and placenta—you have been warned!)

My cervix is looking fantastic. That cerclage does miracles! My placenta is measuring back now 2.6 and it will keep going back the bigger the baby gets. The last sonogram it was only 1cm back. Watch me grow.HA! And my too darling for words baby? He is measuring a whopping 2lbs. Which is the 68th percentile. I didn’t even know they did percentiles while in the womb. I hope he slows down there because for where he is coming out of—he better not get too big. His BPM was 151.

I had my blood drawn for the glucose test. I will find out the results in a couple of days. My BP is nice and low. My weight…is there. My belly-button pain…probably just over-stressed muscles. If it was a hernia—it would probably still be hurting. Mine only hurts when I have done a lot of “too much.” For example, no more moving furniture.

So me and my little (big) man are doing great. Can’t ask for more than that, now can I?

But if I could, I would ask for some cooler weather because these days with heat index in the mid 100s are making me crazy!


  1. Glad to hear you and Cooper are doing well!

  2. Great! Nice to know things are right on track! My sister is due in a few weeks..so I hear ya on the misery of heat...she lets me know ALL about it!!!lol