Some recent shoots…

I haven’t been sharing some of my recent shoots and I thought now was a great time!

The first one is a darling girl that did not want her pictures done. Until I pulled out the bubbles. Whatever works baby.

Ella Wilczek 2 year 06 copy Ella Wilczek 2 year 08 copy Ella Wilczek 2 year 20 copy

The next one. Oh-this boy has a piece of my heart. I watched him when he was a baby. And now he’s 4!! Happy Birthday buddy!

Owen Wilczek 4 year old 4 copy Owen Wilczek 4 year old 6 copy Owen Wilczek 4 year old 18 copy

The next few are from sisters that I have shot before. The little one with the fiery red hair is a fire cracker! Soooo easy to shoot! Her sister is Stormy’s age and does the posing thing now. Like the posing that parents smile about at first and then…want them to stop so we can get a “normal” photo. I managed to get quite a few normal (and poser) ones!

Tallman 7 copy Tallman 13 copy  Tallman 20 copy Tallman 24 copy Tallman 27 copy

My absolute favorite from the shoot?

Tallman 17 copy

This one. I learned a new trick in one of my editing programs and it did exactly what I wanted in this photo. I just love it!!!

Now you have seen some of my work…do you have a favorite being displayed up there?


  1. great shots Debbie. I really like the one of the two girls looking at each other by the railing. See how the reflections are in the water? Looks like clouds!!