From Shayne’s perspective…

Normally Stormy is the one that has the camera. Not for this post. I let Shayne use my Rebel for a few minutes yesterday. She took 77 pictures. I won’t post that many of them because…they are seriously.unflattering. BUT there are some really cute ones. And one that made me giggle a little.

IMG_7078 IMG_7083 IMG_7025

Yep-She took a few pictures of Sage. She did take some of Connor playing with Owen (they were “fighting” actually). I didn’t post those because I wanted to post the ones she took of Stormy.

You see, Stormy was rather hocked off with the fact that I wouldn’t let her use any of the big cameras. I told her she could use the small pink one. She wasn’t that pleased about that even but she made do. And Shayne captured what Stormy did with her camera time.

Are you ready?


Stormy took pictures of herself of course. I need to see what else she took with that camera.

I wonder where she put it….? Maybe Shayne knows.

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