Shayne was trying to comfort Sage yesterday. You see, we took Sage’s pacis away from her on Sunday night. At least that’s what I thought.

Sunday night…

I put Sage to bed—really late because we had been outside with neighbors for our bbq and they needed baths after that. So it’s around 9ish. I put Sage in her crib with no paci. She cries for a couple of minutes and then she is quiet. My thoughts? That was easy.

Monday  morning…

I go into Sage’s room to get her up around 845ish. She stands up, holding her blanket of course and…she has a paci in her mouth. Little stinker must have been hiding one in her crib. She is smiling a big ol’ smile behind that paci in her mouth. I take it away.

Fast forward an hour or two. I am in her room with her getting her blocks out so she can play. She is trying to pull her blankets through her crib railing looking for…a paci. Wow. Addiction in its finest form. I get her to play with her blocks so I can go switch laundry.

I am putting stuff in the dryer when here comes my littlest darling holding her blanket up to her face and just barely peeking at me over it.

“Sage…what do you have?”

She lets her blanket down a little and there it is. Another paci she had stashed somewhere in her room. She smiles up at me. And I smile back, lean down, and take the paci away.

Holy screaming toddler.

After we head downstairs, Sage is still looking for a paci…somewhere…anywhere. It would help if Stormy would stop saying, “Go get it Sage. Go find your paci.” Stormy does that with just the most ornery grin you ever saw because she knows that we are done with pacis.

Shayne’s solution?

“Just give it to her now. She is sad. I don’t want her to be sad. Just give it to her when Daddy’s not here.”

“Ummm…Shayne. We don’t be sneaky like that because of Daddy. If Sage keeps her paci, her teeth are going to be really messed up. That is why we are taking it from her.”

Shayne comforted Sage a lot yesterday. So did I. Connor kept trying to bring her toys to make her smile. And Stormy did what Stormy does. Teased her.

IMG_7020 IMG_7024

Last night was rough. She cried in her crib for awhile.AWHILE.

I am hoping that she wakes up and it is easier today.

I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Poor Sage. Of course Shayne would comfort her, that's what a "good" big sister does!